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Graphic design is the art of visual communication through the combination of photography, typography, and layout.

Asha Elise Design handles all aspects of creative development and brand application for your business. Per our name, design is the foundation of every project we work on.

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Art direction is the act of unifying the creative vision through expert recommendations.

As trained creative professionals, Asha Elise Design provides informed suggestions on print pieces, apps and more. We even implement those agreed upon strategies to help take your brand to the next level. 

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Your brand refers to the feeling, tone, and visual aesthetic of your business. It includes the logo, colors, fonts, and imagery.

Branding is the act of creating these elements - logo design, color palette, typography, photography style, patterns, icons, and more.

All of the visual pieces of a brand should effortlessly combine to clearly portray the overall feeling you want your target market to get when they see your business. 

Once we've defined your brand, Asha Elise Design leaves you with a well organized Master brand style guide. It is an invaluable resource to ensure that no matter who is working on visuals for your business, it will continue to be a consistent look and feel.

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Visual web design is the layout of wireframes (web pages) and brand application (applying logo, colors, fonts, and more) to wireframes or templates.

Asha Elise Design specializes in front end design work, which does not include back end development (coding). In some cases, both front end and back end work is necessary to reach your goals and when those instances arise, we partner with our trusted network of talented developers. Already have a developer of your own? No worries, we love making new friends and love joining forces. 

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Marketing assets are the various tools your business uses for promotion and outreach, including emails, business cards, pitch decks, event signage, and so much more.

We're here to aid in the creation and organization of such tools. At Asha Elise Design, we are gifted at creating a new brand or taking an existing brand, and expanding on that visual style to design beautiful promotional tools that are consistent in look and feel. 

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Presentation design is the organization and layout of content on viewable slides for large audiences, typically created in PowerPoint or Keynote.

Our branded presentations are personalized for every client based on their needs. We will work with you to create comprehensible and clean presentations that will captivate your audience and highlight your achievements.

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Packaging design is the label design or overall presentation of a product.

From product bottles to shipper boxes, we can make your packaging as simple or intricate as you'd like. The possibilities are endless!

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Brand maintenance is the ongoing upkeep of a brand's visual style across various platforms such as digital and print.

At Asha Elise Design, we pride ourselves on being fully invested in our clients and building long term partnerships so that we always play a role in your creative accomplishments.

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Digital illustration is the use of digital tools, such as a tablet or mouse, to produce illustrations.

The Asha Elise Design illustration style is clean and minimalistic; specific to line drawings. Looking for simplistically dope characters and icons to go with your brand? You're in the right place!